Aryan Ebrahimpour

Software Engineer @ SystemGroup Co.
MCS Student @ IUST

Hello! My name is Aryan Ebrahimpour. I am a Software Engineer and Designer.

I began programming in middle school and since then my interest has become an obsession. I develop applications and write articles in my weblog, I read software and hardware articles, and I follow Programming language and technology documentation to improve my programming and algorithm design skills. I constantly strive to become a better software engineer.

Personal Interests


EminemNFHip-HopRapToomaj Salehi


Classic Persian PoemsHafezMolana


STEM BooksHistory Books


Functional ProgrammingCategory TheoryTheorem ProvingElectronics



Favourite Locations



Massive MultiplayerStrategicAdvantureRPGAssasin's Creed SeriesRise of NationsWarcraft SeriesSocial deception games

Favorite Youtubers

VeritasiumTom Scott3Blue1BrownMathologerOverSimplifiedDreamTechnobladeLinus Tech TipsKurzgesagtDaniDaniel ThrasherMr BeastTheOdd1sOutIt's Okay To Be SmartDisguised ToastMichael ReevesDolan DarkFlyingKittyEpic Rap Battles of HistoryLazarBeamPewDiePie


What does Avestura mean?
Avestura is a combination of Avesta and Ahura. For what it's worth, I am not a religious person.
Are you an extreme fan of anything?
I'm not a zombie/extreme fan of any company, technology or a public figure, but I do respect some of them more than the others.
Which one do you prefer? Object-oriented or Functional Programming?
I find functional programming easier to reason about the code, and it helps you to do much more with less code. It’s safer, and fits my soul.